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About Kendra Grady

Kendra was born and raised in Bronx, New York.  Her love for art was ignited at a young age, as she often drew characters and people.  Throughout her teenage and early twenties she realized that teaching art was a way to merge her love of making with a desire to help others.  She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Art Education from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  Her studies at UMES laid the foundation for her first five years (2008-2013) as the founding art teacher of Mott Haven Academy.  She later became the founding art teacher at Heketi Community Charter School for six years (2013-2019).  Obtaining her Master's Degree from City College of New York, while teaching full time. 

Kendra mastered curriculum development, by writing a curriculum that was culturally relevant, student centered, and rigorous for young artists.  She became a leader in the area of classroom management and organization, by creating routines and procedures that allowed students to maximize learning time and create independently or collaboratively.  Kendra believes, elementary art teachers help many children form their first opinions about what art is.  Elementary art teachers are also many children's' first encounter and example of what it means to be an artist.  Kendra has guided hundreds of students from Kindergarten to fifth grade through their first experiences as an artist!

As she continued to teach in the school setting, she was often called upon to use her skills in other ways.  She began to notice there were three areas where others often required her insight. The three areas are additional art classes (for all ages), commissions for artwork, and consulting with pre-service or current art educators. Kendra is a multi-talented entrepreneur!  She is now using her expertise as an artist, mentor, and educator to offer a range of services.

Check below for a description of each service.

Scope of Services

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This is a great option for individuals or groups that are interested in having an art-making experience as one single event or multiple sessions.  You may be interested in team building, mixing and mingling, making art for a party or celebration, developing a unique idea for an event, or in need of some family-friends fun!  Kendra can tailor your art projects, materials, and techniques to your interests.  She has experience in leading sessions with all age ranges and skill levels.  She can lead the group step by step through the process with patience and enthusiasm. Clients must have a space/location, tables, and chairs.  Kendra will plan, travel to you, facilitate the project, and provide a portion of basic supplies.  This service is offered virtually and in-person.  In person paint and sips are currently offered within the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.  For more information and to plan your experience complete contact form below.



If you have an idea, space, or business that needs an artist's touch, than this is the service for you.  Kendra is a hands on artist, who utilizes her painting and drawing skills to bring your ideas to life.  She is able to create a range of art from realistic, abstract, to non-objective.  She has created small scale wall murals within schools and a daycare facility. This service is currently offered within the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.  These projects are rewarding because they empower all that walk the halls of the institution.  Kendra also takes commissions for personalized art pieces that bring décor to homes and businesses.  Each piece is uniquely handmade with a great deal of thought and care.  Art pieces can be mailed within the United States.  For more information complete contact form below.



Are you a pre-service teacher or current art educator looking for guidance in your practice?  This is the service for you.  Kendra's eleven year history as a founding teacher at two school's in the South Bronx, indicate longevity and growth.  A degree and dozens of education courses can not compare to real life-day to day experience in the classroom.  There must be a balance between theory and practice.  Kendra has had to plan lessons and develop a curriculum from scratch.  She has had to build relationships with students and families. She has also had to figure out how to create a classroom environment that students love, want to take risks in, and exchange ideas.  This service is important because in her experience, Kendra always heard  of fellow art teachers needing and sharing best practices.  While in the classroom, Kendra's strengths were curriculum development, classroom management, organization, and building trusting relationships with students.   From 2019-2021, Kendra began worked with the City College of New York as an independent contractor-student teacher supervisor.  Her role was to observe and evaluate  student teachers using the Danielson Framework.  More importantly she provided helpful feedback and strategies.  This service can include one on one consultations (in person, video chat, or via the telephone), and the sharing of lesson(s) and documents.  For more information complete contact form below.


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