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Customer Reviews

"At the paint and sip, it was a very relaxing class. I didn’t feel pressure to be super creative  yet I felt inspired to create my own work.  Kendra provided a calm relaxing environment that allowed me to take risks with my painting. 


She was great leading the class because her background as a teacher allows you to help people and also she knows when to let go and step back. Also I think Kendra created an environment where it was very chilled and relaxed. 


I would tell people if you want to learn small techniques in a relaxing environment to take her class. I left feeling relaxed and enjoyed the experience because of that."

-Celia M., 2019

"Working with Kendra felt like a creative collaboration between two artists! As a recent pre-service art teacher, Kendra provided multiple resources that aided in my aspiration to become a high school art educator. Resources such as strategies for further instruction, curriculum development, time management, creative class discussion protocols, and assessment integration were very helpful. Ultimately, Kendra sharing her teaching experiences, challenges and insights gave me the confidence to apply what I've learned from her into any art education work experience."

-Hannah A., 2019

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-Darise J., 2019

"My scrapbook class with Kendra was awesome.  Her expertise with a highly motivated attitude and dedicated work ethic was projected throughout the class.  All kinds of materials, design strategies, and creative openness was encouraged within the class as well.  For my first scrapbook it was a wonderful experience and will do a class with Kendra again."

-Vaughn W., 2019

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"I had such a pleasure meeting and experiencing Kendra's art.  Her art is expressive and speaks to the vulnerability and strength of black woman.  I love my piece.  I think it's a great representation of solace and femininity." -Tiffany, 2019

"Kendra leads amazing paint and sip sessions.  She ensures all participants' comfort level is addressed whether they have experience painting or not.  Kendra is organized with materials and makes it quite easy and fun to jump into a painting session.  Again, she makes sure that everyone feels there is no wrong way to paint and makes the experience a joy!  Be ready to tap into your inner artist, have a great time while creating your own masterpiece and just have a great time!  Sign up :)"

-Cristy C., 2019

"Taking a scrapbook class is learning to put a whole family vacation or meaningful memories together in one small place to be picked up at anytime, and have it come alive again.  I love the class."  

-Rosalba R., 2019

"I would describe working with Kendra as a highly personalized, detail and satisfaction driven experience.  From the point at which I reached out to Kendra with the request for a commissioned drawing we were in close contact regarding anything from shading, color choice and whether or not the subjects included evoked the emotion I wanted to convey.  Kendra exuded patience, thoughtfulness professionalism and care throughout the entire process.  Needless to say, the final creation surpassed my expectations, and I would hire Kendra again and again.  A genuine talent." -Nicole J., 2019

"It was such a fun day and my first time attending a scrapbook class. I arrived with my cousin and we bought supplies ahead of time. Our instructor Kendra was professional and made us feel like true artists. She was nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. Kendra also provided an abundance of supplies for us to use. She played music and had snacks. As she walked around to complement, talk, and encourage the ideas, it gave me a sense of comfort for me to be more creative. Not only was she instructional but inspiring by demonstrating her examples during her scrapbook process. I can't wait to go back and I would definitely recommend Kendra as an instructor!" -Taina M., 2019

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"I have been a fan of Kendra’s art for over ten years and I’ve patiently waited for her to start creating pieces for sale. Once she did, I made sure to invest in originals and prints. Kendra’s art is special because it encapsulates elements of the Black experience that is timeless. I’m proud to hang Kendra’s art in my home and I’m excited to see the new projects that she creates.
To anyone considering buying a piece of art from Kendra, buy it. You will not have any regrets. Kendra takes extra care with her work and customers. She’s very friendly, professional and upholds high standards of integrity. Any artwork you purchase from her will add style and grace to wherever you decide to display it. I’m very happy with my purchases and the family I gifted her artwork with were also pleased to have artwork that they can display which resonates with them."

-Cagney J., 2019

"Kendra is someone with a very special light.  My family and I had the pleasure of being in one of her classes in the past.  It was a very nice experience in which we all felt quite relaxed.  Her style of teaching is one that welcomes play, and embraces whatever skill level the individual comes with.  I would totally recommend her."

-Genesis M., 2019

"Ms. Grady es una persona muy especial, ella realiza un excelente trabajo com maestra.  Tuvimos una experiencia muy bonita en un evento en Raymour & Flanigan, donde se participo en tarde de pinturas muy interesante y educativa.

Muchas gracias por su respeto y carino, Ms. Grady, bendiciones!"

-Juana R., 2019

"I felt good because of how easy it was, and how I can paint a lot more things now."
-Julian G., 2019

-Eric L., 2020


-Shalove G., 2020


-Cristy C., 2020

-Sheria W., 2020

-Sonya W., 2020


-Dolores., 2020


Taryn C.,2020


-Jamila P., 2020


Nikita M.,2020

Oz P., 2020

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